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    We are the Experts in
    Mold Remediation
    We provide variety of mold cleanup methods available for remediating damage
    to building materials and furnishings caused by moisture control problems and mold growth.
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    We operate nationwide
    throughout the USA
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    Mold Removal Done Right
    We provide experienced crews and support personnel
    for proper and compete Mold Remediation.

MACK Group

The Mack Group, LLC are specialists in mold remediation and cleanup contracting services. We provide mold removal services using the latest equipment and procedures. Our trained employees and hi-tech equipment have the power to get the job done at a fraction of the time and expense associated with conventional methods.
Services we offer also include : Chemical, Biological & Steroid Cleanup Activities and Coronavirus Cleaning.
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Mold Remediation Planning

We consider numerous questions when planning the remediation of mold, such as: are there existing moisture problems in the building, are building occupants reporting musty or moldy odors and/or health problems?...and more...


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Mold Remediation Means and Methods

A variety of mold cleanup methods are available for remediating damage to building materials and furnishings caused by moisture control problems and mold growth.


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Remediation and Cleanup Final Steps

We make sure the mold remediation is complete by use of professional judgment and via air sampling, to determine if the cleanup is sufficient, so that tenants can re-occupy the premises.


What is Mold and where it can be found?

Mold (or mould) is a term used to refer to fungi that grow in the form of multicellular thread-like structures called hyphae. Fungi that exist as single cells are called yeasts. Some molds and yeasts cause disease or food spoilage, others play an important role in biodegradation or in the production of various foods, beverages, antibiotics and enzymes.

Mold is also found in damp building materials where it often appears like stains and comes in a variety of colours. A must smell is an indication of microbial growth even when there is no visible growth. If mold is allowed to grow in homes or offices it can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Some molds such as the Dry Rot Fungus, Serpula lacrymans, are highly destructive.


What are the ill effects of Molds?

Molds release small “spores” into the air. So, when mold grows indoors, the number of mold spores and fragments is usually higher indoors than it is outdoors. These spores are small enough that people can actually inhale them deep into the lungs. Inhalation of spores poses risk of developing respiratory problems. The ill effects of molds generally include allergies, infections, irritations, and toxicities.

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mold vacuuming


mold vacuuming


What is the purpose of Mold Remediation?

The purpose of mold remediation is to remove the mold in order to prevent human exposure and damage to building materials and furnishings. It is necessary to completely clean up mold contamination, not just to kill the mold. Dead mold is still allergenic, and some dead molds are potentially toxic.


How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

There are no typical mold removal costs as each project is unique. Factors that affect the cost for proper removal and disposal include location of the materials infected with mold, their composition, and distance to nearest landfill.

The Mack Group, LLC has the expertise and experience to develop cost estimates for a simple mold cleanup proceduret to an entire facility-wide mold remediation project. We can provide a cost estimate as well as firm pricing and, of course, we can professionally and safely execute the actual abatement. We look forward to providing you consulting, estimating or contracting services on your next mold removal project.


We operate nationwide throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


The MACK Group, LLC. has completed numerous commercial and industrial projects that required mold removal.

Our clients come from a variety of businesses including commercial clients, industrial clients, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, developers and consultants, and they are very satisfied with our work.