Project: A Large Asbestos Abatement of the Former Point Pleasant Hospital - New Jersey (NJ)

Client: developer - Pulte Homes
Location: New Jersey

The MACK Group, LLC (website  )completed the asbestos abatement of the former Point Pleasant Hospital located in Point Pleasant New Jersey.  This large project consisted of the asbestos removal of various asbestos containing materials as well as the abatement of several large boilers.

A Large Asbestos Abatement of the Former Point Pleasant Hospital - New Jersey (NJ) Project  A Large Asbestos Abatement of the Former Point Pleasant Hospital - New Jersey (NJ) Project

The project scope consisted of the asbestos abatement of 200,000 square feet of asbestos floor tile and mastic, 70,000 square feet of asbestos roofing, 6000 lineal feet of asbestos piping, 3500 square feet of asbestos sprayed-on fireproofing and the removal of several asbestos containing boilers.  All removals were done in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations including EPA, OSHA, AHERA and NESHAP.

Because the former hospital had been vacant for a long period of time, all utilities had been disconnected.  To provide power to the site, The MACK Group, LLC utilized their large onsite generators to supply all power for the 60 HEPA negative air filtration units used inside the work area containments.  The MACK Group, LLC also utilized their Terminator floor scraping machine to assist with the removal of the floor tile and mastic.  Also utilized to complete the scope were several skid steers (Bobcat brand), aerial lifts, debris chutes and twenty NJ licensed asbestos workers.

The project schedule was aggressive as the developer needed to complete the project quickly in order to immediately start building the future condominiums.  The Mack Group, LLC beat this fast track schedule by 2 weeks.  In addition, the work was completed without injury or incident.

The current property owner plans to build several luxury condominiums on the property.  The property is located on the corner of the Manasquan River and the Point Pleasant Canal offering spectacular views.

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